For headphone/IN-EAR

For headphone/IN-EAR

Most of SMSL's DACs come with headphone outputs that can be directly connected to your headphones. However, if you're looking for more power, ultimate audio performance, and don't want to miss any musical details, I recommend pairing the DAC with a headphone amplifier.

Choose a headphone amplifier for my Over-Ear.

This type of large earphone usually has a high impedance and low sensitivity. They require a dedicated headphone amplifier to drive even more. If you have this type of headphones, it is recommended that you purchase products such as H300/VMV P2 to drive the headphones.



Choose a headphone amplifier for my In-Ear.

In ear impedance is usually not too high, usually 16 Ω or 32 Ω. At this point, it is recommended that you choose an audio decoder with headphone amplifier function. The all-in-one machine not only has excellent decoding function, but also can effectively drive your headphones.

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