SMSL A200 2-channel amplifier with level display

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A50 Pro

2.1-Ch home cinema amplifiers;

With LPF/HPF, 10 crossover points adjustable;

Subwoofer output volume adjusted independently;

Supports HDMI (ARC) and passive subwoofer

For home theater.

  • DAC & Headphone-AMP

    Our DAC excels in terms of parameters, Popular worldwide. 🌍

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  • SMSL A50 Pro|2.1 channel amplifier|SMSL SHOP|FREE SHIPPING


    They strike a perfect balance between power and THD+N. 🔊

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  • CD Player

    This is a bold attempt for us. In the future, we will also release players that support SACD/HDCD. 🎶

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New Audio DAC

As an entry-level DAC in the SMSL DL series, the DL100 offers exceptional value for money. It features a comprehensive range of input interfaces, as well as XLR+RCA outputs, and two headphone jacks - one 6.35mm and the other 4.4mm. It will be competitively priced upon release. Stay tuned! 🎉

Available at the end of May