For passive speakers

For passive speakers

A high-performance power amplifier is undoubtedly the best companion for passive speakers. The ease of driving a pair of passive speakers does not depend on their size but rather on the impedance of the speakers. You can find this parameter on the sticker located on the back of the passive speakers.


Common impedance types for passive speakers in the market are 2Ω, 4Ω, and 8Ω. All three types can be well driven by SMSL power amplifiers. So, how do you choose a suitable power amplifier? If you already have a DAC, you only need to pair it with a dedicated power amplifier, such as VMV A1, SA400, A100, or DA6. If you only have a pair of passive speakers without any other equipment, then an integrated amplifier would be a perfect fit for you, such as AL200, A300, or AO300.

Stereo Power Amplifier

This type of amplifier does not have a built-in decoding chip. Only supports analog inputs (RCA/XLR). Their advantages are higher power and better performance. Need to be used in conjunction with dac.

Integrated amplifier

This type of amplifier is equipped with a built-in DAC chip. Having multiple input methods, it can achieve quite good music effects with minimal space occupation. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, computer desks, and more. And most models are equipped with subwoofer outputs. Recommended for those who require multiple input interfaces and prefer smaller devices to purchase.


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