For  Studio Monitors/ Active speakers

For Studio Monitors/ Active speakers

Whether it's a studio monitoring speaker or a powered speaker in the living room, you should always pair it with a DAC for the best audio performance.


The preferred pairing for studio monitors speakers.

Most flagship-level models only have analog signal outputs (XLR/RCA). They do not come equipped with a headphone amplifier. You will need to purchase a separate headphone amp to connect your headphones. Alternatively, you can also connect them to a preamp. Typically, these types of DACs are very expensive, and if you are seeking the ultimate audio performance, flagship-level models are your best choice. Those who consider such DACs are most likely seasoned audio enthusiasts. So, no need for further ado, go ahead and make your purchase.

The preferred choice for 2-channel active speakers.

High-end all-in-one machines represent the category with the best overall performance. They are equipped not only with high-end decoding chips for excellent decoding performance but also feature a high-performance headphone amplifier circuit. This design allows you to directly connect your headphones to the decoder without needing any other devices, while still achieving audiophile-grade sound quality. Such machines also come with XLR/RCA analog signal outputs for connecting to powered speakers. By adjusting the output mode through the internal menu of the machine, you can easily switch between headphones and speakers.

The first choice for computer users

If your budget is limited, then an entry-level DAC is a good choice. Its performance is more powerful than a standard computer sound card. Similar to high-end all-in-one machines, entry-level DACs typically come equipped with various output interfaces and can freely switch between different outputs through the menu. These excellent designs are the result of thorough research. The products offer a very high cost-performance ratio. 


Currently, our flagship DAC models include VMV D3/VMV D2R/D400 EX. If you're looking for a next-level flagship product, I recommend you consider D400 PRO/D400 ES/DL300/M500MKIII. For customers with a tighter budget, SMSL also offers models that are very cost-effective, such as DL200/DL100/M300SE.


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