I need to repair/exchange the product

Warranty Regulations!

SMSL provides warranty on all products sold. Warranty vary depending on the individual product, and is listed under the product details.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, which includes spare parts and labor.

The warranty does not cover, scratches/minor damage, wear and tear, misuse, incorrect connection, inadequate general maintenance, theft or fire.

The warranty covers only with a warranty certificate with information’s with the of purchase.


What happens if something breaks?

In the case a product needs to be returned to us, original packaging is required for return shipment.

You will be happy to hear that we have designed our products to be easily fixable by yourself, so shipping back and forth is not necessary should any part break. Contact us, and we will take you through the process on how to exchange the driver.

We will provide you with the parts needed, along with the guidance on how to exchange the part within minutes - trust us, it's extremely easy! During this process, you are of course still covered under our warranty.